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Ham Radio Deluxe

Computer Frequency Control for Transceivers

Ham Radio Deluxe (aka HRD) is a FREE program that works well with my TS-2000, IC-756p3, and IC-765 transceivers (I haven't tried to use it with the FT-100D yet). The program will work with quite a range of transceivers that have CAT control.

The Favorites Files described below can be imported / merged into the HRD Favorites Manager and then used as favorites (click on the item in the Favorites List and the transceiver will jump to the frequency, like a built in memory channel) or items can be transferred to the transceiver channel memory banks (at least in the TS-2000). I think this will save members a lot of time when preparing for a major exercise such as Deep Freeze where a dozen or more channels need to be loaded into the transceiver for use during the exercise, and the favorites mechanism can be used on the fly when necessary!

Attached are 4 Ham Radio Deluxe Favorites files (actually TXT format files that can be edited using NotePad).
1) MARS HF + SHARES Channels
2) MARS VHF (for Central New England USAF / ARMY / NAVY)
3) A list called SHARES - THE LIST on the MARS Region One Web Site
4) Citizens Band Channels, including the remote control channels

List #1: Comprehensive list of MARS Frequencies was accumulated by using the latest USAF list distributed via EMail, the ARMY list on the WEB, the NAVY list on the WEB, and corrections applied from the CONSOLIDATED List. For NAVY and ARMY channels, both the USB and LSB dial frequencies are listed instead of the center channel frequencies given in the list. USAF uses ONLY USB dial. This is likely to be more useful to operators.
I am unsure of exactly how to deal with the digital channels, so they are listed as USB dial for the moment.
My transceivers use real FSK so FSK mode may be more appropriate for ME. This list is marked as FOUO.

List #2: New England VHF MARS Frequencies was accumulated from local information distributed by state USAF, ARMY, NAVY MARS officials. The HRD Favorites Manager does not yet support repeater offsets and PL tones, but might in the future. The HRD Memory Manager DOES support repeater offsets and PL tones however. This list is marked as FOUO.

List #3: SHARES-"The List" was transcribed from the WEB "SHARES-THE LIST" listing, and categorized as best I could. This was NOT marked as FOUO since no frequency designators are listed in the MARS subdirectory

List #4: Citizens Band Although operation on the Citizens Band channels is NOT normally authorized, it MAY be important to be able to monitor these channels, and in a true emergency, the rules may not be relevant. This list is from public domain information available from the ARRL, FCC, and other sources on the Internet WEB

If anyone notices any errors, please feed them back to me and I'll redo the list.

06 April 2009 -Customizing Ham Radio Deluxe for AF MARS. Check it out!

12-28-2009 - Terry's radio to computer interface.

02-04-2014 Here is Terry's Digital Mode Crib Sheet.


Terry / AFA1DI / W1TR


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