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Digital Mode

MT63-The Program

Starting immediately, in addition to voice, we will begin using digital mode MT63 to pass traffic on 1S1.
Digital mode MT63 is an exceptionally effective sound card program and will prove to be a very stable and reliable platform for transmission of traffic. I encourage all 1S1 members with computer capability seriously consider installing MT63.
There are two programs available for downloading MT63. One, http://www.geocities.com/iz8bly/MT63/index.htm is a free program. The same author also offers a surpurb soundcard program called MixW. Although not free, MixW does have nearly all of the digital modes.
You can download MixW at www.mixw.net/. There is a free trial period.

Here is a good site to visit which might answer all of your questions: http://www.saraclub.net/new_page_48.htm
Here's an excellent addition to your MT-63 knowledge base, as well: Jim Jaffe, WA2VOS. Jim has put a very thorough MixW site together: Called MixW. This page contains very up to date information regarding the MixW program.

You can get a feel for MT63 on the amateur band as well: 14109.50 is where the MT63 folks operate. Good place to hone your MT63 skills.

The Interface

The soundcard to transceiver requires some kind of interface to isolate the computer from the transceiver. There are a number of commercial products available ranging in price from $29 up. The least expensive is a kit sold by RASCAL for $29; they offer a completed unit for $39, also (www.packetradio.com/). The RASCAL comes with the necessary cables. Another, more expensive unit is RigBlaster ( www.westmountainradio.com/). Basically the same as the RASCAL, but with some added features.
Of course you can assemble your own interface, as well. I built mine using two inexpensive audio output transformers ($2.98 ea.-Radio Shack) and it works quite well. The schematic is on the Technical page of this web site- ( click here-).

Navy/Marine Corps MARS has an outstanding web site dedicated to MT63 and they use MT63 daily on their HF nets. The URL is: http://www.navymars.org/central/reg4/al/MT63.htm. [Thanks to AFA1LW for that info.]

MixW-The Program

Click HERE for a help page on SETTIN UP MixW.
Click HERE for a help page on CALIBRATING up MixW.
To download and save the above links, right click on "HERE" and choose "save target as."
I'll be adding some information later on specific interfaces, but this should get you going.

Sound Card Settings

Rich, AFA1CY, says, "I have been using several different sound card programs that require different settings. The utility I use for setting the levels is "QuickMix". This allows me to save my sound card settings for several different programs. I have settings for SSATV, MT63, PSK31, and VHF work. The program seems to work well with my SoundBlaster card and it is free."


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